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I loved the photos so much, I cried when I first saw them."

art of you boudoir is amazing!

Why choose us?
There are a lot of good Austin boudoir photographers, so what sets us apart from others? With over five years of experience in the portrait industry, we’ve photographed women of all different, shapes, sizes, adult ages, and backgrounds and we’ve learned a thing or two during that time. To help you out, we’ve distilled much of it in four key points below.

Your safety & comfort is everything to us. Other than myself, I work with an all-female staff during your session. We have a dedicated changing area and offer a robe in-between sets. Knowing there’s zero risk of running into a sketchy situation during your session can make a world of difference when it comes to your comfort. For something as intimate as this, due diligence is necessary. Bottom line, regardless of a photographer's gender, a true professional will never make you feel uncomfortable.

Posing is so important. Here’s the thing, everyone thinks they need to lose five or ten pounds before coming in. You don’t. We promise. The most important thing is a photographer who knows how to direct you into a great pose that flatters your angles. A lot can be hidden through posing and the right outfit. The best photographers understand this and can coach you there with ease. During your session we will walk you through every pose, facial expression and guide you along the way.

This is an honed craft. There are a lot of people who have fancy cameras, but making a great picture takes more than expensive gear. It takes experience. An understanding that it’s not your gear that makes a picture, but the person operating it. You can spend all the money in the world on fancy gizmos, but it’s true knowledge of how light, lens choice, angels, and timing affect your results that brings a picture to life. Experience AND talent are key when it comes to making ANY woman look fabulous. Since my journey began, I have attended The Austin School of Photography, Taken dozens of courses and even had the honor of attending The Portrait Masters Conference which is limited to a select number of photographers each year. I am also a member of the Professional Photographers of America Association and am fully licensed.

It's all about the ambiance! Where boudoir photographers take their pictures range from hotel rooms, air b&b's, to storefronts. Of course, not all locations are created equal. Here at Art of You Boudoir we host our sessions in our beautiful private in-home studio that is designed specifically for boudoir photography sessions. A place where you can feel safe and comfortable while you enjoy your double makeover, an arrangement of fragrant flowers, and delicious refreshments!

What sets Apart



The first step in booking your session is filling out our contact form and scheduling your complimentary consultation call. On the call we will answer any questions you have and discuss how a boudoir session can be life changing.  We'll also discuss ideas on possible sets, wardrobe, and your comfort level to ensure that your vision becomes a reality. Once your boudoir photo shoot is booked, we will provide you with preparation and lingerie guides to help you prepare for your session.


The booking process



We’ll guide you on what to wear, how to prepare, how to pose, and more. We’ve found that many women whom we have had the opportunity to photograph raved about the empowerment and self-confidence they felt after seeing their portraits for the first time after a session.

Every woman that we photograph has a story, and every story is beautiful and unique in its way. 


The booking process



From the moment you walk in the door you will be treated like royalty. We will introduce you to our team, and toast some champagne before you start your double makeover. As for the shoot itself, you don’t need to worry about how to pose or where to look. Chris will direct you every step of the way- from head to toes and facial expressions. Multiple outfit changes and different shooting sets ensure Chris captures your most flattering angles. He will work with you to bring out the best of your unique beauty, making sure that you feel confident and comfortable throughout your experience. And of course there will be some chocolate breaks sprinkle in between sets, too.  :)

Session Day

The booking process



Your reveal and ordering appointment will be scheduled within two weeks after your photoshoot in our boutique studio where you can preview your images and select your products privately.

We will guide you through the product selection process to have the right products suited to your needs. Prints and products are purchased separately.

Reveal session

The booking process

Art of you boudoir

For our clients to love their experience and feel beautiful.

with every session,
we only have one goal:

with every session, we only have one goal:

 All of our boudoir sessions include:
​Detailed consultation to design your session and advice for clothing & styling
Professional makeup & hair for one person
A fully guided 3.5-hour studio photoshoot
(1.5 hours allotted for your double makeover)
Magazine-style image retouching
Private in-person reveal & ordering session

​A retainer fee of $400 is required to formally book your photoshoot.

Products are purchased separately after your session to ensure you go home with the photographs you absolutely love.


 Album collections include print products that are combined with its corresponding digital file. Detailed information about packages and wall art pricing is provided during your in-person consultation.

Payments are accepted via cash, debit and credit card. We also offer up-to 3 month financing for purchases above $1800.

Boudoir Session

Please inquire for more details.

Starting at

When it comes to displaying your art, our studio offers high-quality fine art prints, stunning metallic wall art, and elegant albums.

Wall Art Collections

Luxury Albums are available in several different sizes.  We've sourced the finest vendors to ensure you receive quality albums.  We offer elegant textured and suede albums sourced from Italy that beautifully and discreetly stores your favorite printed images from your session. Our Luxury Albums Collections begin at $999 and go up from there. 

Our Matted Prints and Metallic Wall Art are available in several different sizes.  Wall art pieces are sold as A-La-Carte options. They start at $399 and go up from there. You work so hard day in and day out to be able to live in a beautiful home. Let's spice up the walls a bit and show off your gorgeousness!


Prints &

We take privacy very seriously at our studio. We will NEVER share your photos without your explicit permission, a signed Privacy Policy agreement, and a signed Image Release. We will honor whatever level of privacy you would like.

Will my photos be on the internet? Can they be private?

Absolutely not! Your boudoir session is all about you and making sure we capture images you’ll absolutely LOVE and are comfortable with!  

Do I have to be nude?

For all my sessions, I will have an all-female team there to assist me. That being said, you can absolutely bring one girlfriend with you (as long as you'll feel comfortable posing in front of her and she is there to cheer you on). Please note that we do not allow partners in the studio while we are shooting. That's a firm policy. 

Who will be present at the shoot?

We recommend that you book your shoot at least 8-10 weeks before you need your pictures delivered.  This is a luxury experience and we want you to feel rested, relaxed, and prepared for your session. We also offer the finest quality Albums and Wall Art on the market and they may take up to 4-6 weeks to produce. 

How far in advance do i need to book my photoshoot?

Sessions take place in our beautiful professional home photography studio. The studio is designed exclusively for boudoir and portrait sessions. Other locations (such as hotels, airbnb's, or even your house) are available upon request and additional fees. Our boudoir photography studio has multiple sets with different lighting, backdrops, and props to choose from. Hair and makeup are done right on location. 

Where will my boudoir session take place?