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Hello and Welcome! We're here for women who don't wake up with perfect hair. Women who like both sneakers and heels. The women who feel beautiful in a t-shirt. For the mothers, fiancés, and wives. For those who are divorced or single. Those who want to celebrate with the perfect gift for yourself or for your lover. For those who need to heal old wounds. We want you to know just how truly amazing, unique, and beautiful you are. We know that you work so hard and always put others before you. Today, it's all about you. Time to applaud all the things that you have overcome in this crazy life. It's time to celebrate you. You are so deserving of pampering and your very own boudoir session. So smile love, and enjoy this moment, and let's show the world the art of you!

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We are committed to creating a safe space to have a transformative, healing and powerful experience for all women, of all shapes, ages, sizes and shades. It’s not just about beautiful photographs, it’s about validating that beauty comes in all kinds from within. Its about healing trauma, overturning stigma, starting you on your self love journey and encouraging self acceptance. It’s about seeing you, for who and what you are. It’s about verifying that every woman is beautiful no matter what she looks like. It’s about acknowledging you.

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Ms. V

"I’ve been sooooo in love with the final pictures!! Chris and Arleen are not only professionals but their work is just incredible!!"

Chris and Arleen were absolutely wonderful!

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Hi, my name is Chris Reynolds, but all my friends call me 'bear". I am a professional boudoir and portrait photographer based in Austin, TX.

 Though I started my business in 2018, I've always had a love for photography. As most people do, I allowed myself at an early age to be deterred from following my dreams. The dream of being a professional photographer. Until one fateful day in 2014 when I bought my first camera. Everything changed.

Since then I've helped everyday women feel pampered, beautiful, and refreshed, regardless of the season of life they are in. Together, my team and I create artfully elegant boudoir sessions and art for women.​ I truly believe that Boudoir photography is elegant, artistic, compelling, and powerful if done just right.

There are so many misconceptions when it comes to Boudoir and I want to clarify that it's not all taboo and just about sexuality. It's so much more than that. It's about loving yourself and finding a power within you that you either didn't know you had or thought you had lost. In each session, we focus on capturing a moment in your journey to reflect on where you are, where you’ve been, and where you’re headed. It’s my goal in this life to reveal the beauty, vulnerability, strength, and enthusiasm of the women we photograph in the highest respect of the female form.

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Ms. L

"I was that much more in love with my body and definitely appreciative of what it has done for me and what it has held me through. Seeing my images strengthened my belief that you can be sexy and appreciate your body without the need to be ostentatious necessarily. Chris is amazing at what he does and is very professional in every way possible throughout the session."

Chris has such a kind demeanor that made me very comfortable...


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with every session,
we only have one goal:

with every session, we only have one goal: