Boudoir Photography Session Prep: Tips from Austin’s Expert

Boudoir photography has become increasingly popular in recent years as more women seek creative ways to celebrate their sensuality and boost their body image and confidence. If you’re considering booking a boudoir photography session in Austin, Texas, you likely have questions about how to prepare and what to expect. As experienced Austin boudoir photographers, we’re sharing our best tips on how to get ready for your session so you can feel relaxed, gorgeous, and ready to rock your photos!

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What is Boudoir Photography?

Boudoir photography is an intimate portraiture style designed to showcase a subject’s sensuality, femininity, strength, and beauty. Unlike risque adult imagery, boudoir focuses on eliciting confidence and self-love by photographing women in flattering poses and tasteful wardrobes.

Sessions are typically photographed in studio or private residential settings using posed direction and natural lighting. Boudoir subjects choose outfits ranging from lingerie to evening gowns, bridal looks, or nude modeling with careful positioning.

The images produced empower women to embrace their beauty, perfection, and imperfection alike. Boudoir makes a meaningful gift for spouses, an element of wedding photography, or a profound act of self-care.

When to Book Your Boudoir Session?

Boudoir photography is highly customizable, accommodating special events, milestones, or a simple desire to feel pampered and stunning. Common occasions include:

  • As a pre-wedding experience, the bridal boudoir photography session captures brides in a sophisticated, romantic light before their big day.
  • As an anniversary gift exchanged between spouses or incorporated into an anniversary photoshoot.
  • The best time for maternity boudoir photography is from 28 to 36 weeks of the pregnancy. To mark post-childbirth, honoring your body after bringing a baby into the world.
  • Pre- or post-weight loss, surgery, or other transformative life events.
  • To boost self-esteem or reclaim your sense of self after divorce or trauma.
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No matter your reasons, boudoir photography welcomes women seeking empowerment, creative expression, or a boost of confidence and glamour!

How to Prepare for a Boudoir Photo Session.

To make the most of your time in a boudoir studio, proper preparation ensures you look and feel amazing. Follow these top tips from an experienced boudoir photographer:

Well in Advance

  • Research photographers and choose one whose boudoir photography portfolio and style resonate. Meet with them to share your vision and goals.
  • Assemble 2-3 outfit ideas, including lingerie, sleepwear, sheer robes, etc. Shop for anything missing.
  • Give yourself ample time for a fresh haircut and color if desired.

One Month Before

  • Begin increasing water intake and eating clean, green, and lean. This nourishes skin and slims bloat.
  • Establish an exfoliating and moisturizing skincare regime. Scrubs unveil gorgeous, glowy skin.
  • Book in for bikini waxes, spray tans, or other body pampering (avoid these one-week pre-shoots to allow healing).

One Week Before

  • Finalize your outfits and shop for any missing accessories, shoes, and jewelry.
  • Treat yourself to mani/pedis in neutral tones without chips or cracks.
  • Confirm last-minute skin, brow, and hair appointments. Reschedule if need be.
  • Get lots of rest, hydration, and nutrition. Avoid alcohol, which can lead to breakouts and puffiness.

Day Before the Shoot

  • Exfoliate from head to toe and deeply condition hair.
  • Remove any tags, stickers, or sizing labels from outfits.
  • Gather everything into your shoot bag and get to bed early!

What to Expect During Your Boudoir Photography Session in Our Austin Studio

Our top priority as professional boudoir photographers is ensuring your comfort, safety, and privacy during our session. We strive to create an uplifting, body-positive environment that brings out your confidence and joy.

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  • We’ll begin by discussing your goals, preferred poses, and the overall vision you wish to convey. Outfit changes and touch-ups will occur in a closed-off space just for you.
  • Posing will feel organic as we gently guide you through flattering angles and movements. Many women fear the boudoir will feel forced, yet it flows gracefully with patience and communication.
  • Hair and makeup services ensure you’re camera-ready if desired. While not overtly sexual, some sensuality and skin are anticipated, so wear pieces that make you feel gorgeous and match your body type.
  • Lastly, lean into the experience and have fun playing dress-up! Laughter, giddiness, and being unapologetically you result in the best photographs.

Boudoir Photography Styles and Themes

Austin boudoir photographers like myself offer diverse styles for a customized glam session. Consider what vibe inspires you:


  • Soft, diffused lighting
  • Neutral tones
  • Delicate fabrics like lace and silk
  • Floral accents
  • Affectionate poses


  • Sultry mood with dramatic lighting
  • Bold colors and metallics
  • Edgy sheer fabrics and leather
  • Statement heels and jewelry
  • Intense poses revealing curves and muscles


  • Airy, light-filled setting
  • Whimsical accessories like wings or fans
  • Light fabrics like chiffon and tulle
  • Movement and flow
  • Poses that evoke a dream-like state


  • All white lingerie and boudoir wear
  • Veils, gloves, garter belts
  • Interesting textures like beading and sequins
  • Romantic poses imagining your wedding night

FAQs About Boudoir Photography

If you’re feeling hesitant about the boudoir, these common concerns may help convince you it’s an uplifting experience.

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Is boudoir photography empowering?

Absolutely! By purposefully showcasing their sensuality, most women feel enlivened by boudoir rather than objectified. It can boost confidence, body image, and self-love.

Do I have to get totally naked?

Nudity is optional based on your comfort level. Many women wear lingerie, negligees, or nude illusions. We suggest choosing pieces that reflect how much skin you wish to show.

What if I’m insecure about my body?

It’s normal to feel nervous exposing your body. But ignoring perceived flaws denies your inherent beauty and sexiness. By being brave, a boudoir helps move past insecurities so you feel proud of your gorgeous self!

How do I choose the right photographer?

A rapport of safety and trust with your photographer is paramount. Review portfolios for those experienced in flattering women’s bodies and visit studios to meet candidates in person.

Will these photos be shared publicly?

Absolutely not. Reputable boudoir photographers retain strict confidentiality and creative control. We deliver images directly to you and never share, edit, or distribute them without your consent.

Let Austin’s Top Boudoir Photographer Pamper and Empower You!

We hope these tips help you prepare for a rewarding boudoir photoshoot that leaves you feeling stunningly sexy and body confident. Art Of You Boudoir provides a welcoming, safe space to celebrate your sensuality through timeless artistry and grace.

Are you ready for an uplifting experience in our capable hands? Reach out now to book your Austin boudoir photography session! Let’s create magic.