Common Boudoir Photography Myths

One of the most common boudoir photography myths we tend to hear… You have to have a “perfect” body to do it! That’s Totally False!

You don’t need to have the perfect body, and embracing your body and learning self-love is what we strive for. We won’t try to Photoshop every single thing you hate about yourself. Instead, we use flattering posing and lighting to accentuate your favorite features. This is a beautiful way to show you how gorgeous you truly are.

More Boudoir Photography Myths:

  1. Boudoir photography is only for people in relationships – This is not the case. Boudoir photography can be for anyone, whether in a relationship or not. It is a way to celebrate and embrace one’s own body and sensuality.
  2. One of the biggest boudoir photography myths is that it’s only about sexualizing a woman. While boudoir photography can be sensual and intimate, it is not necessarily about sexualizing women. The focus should be on celebration and empowerment rather than objectification. Need proof? Take a look at our portfolio, and you’ll find plenty of images from past boudoir sessions that are elegant and modest.
  3. Boudoir photography is only for professional models – This is not true. Boudoir photography can be for everyday women, regardless of their experience level in front of the camera.
  4. They’re just raunchy photos. It’s so much more than that. Boudoir is an experience that teaches body empowerment and celebrates the skin you’re in.

The Truth

Fact: You don’t have to do a boudoir photoshoot as a gift to your partner. Though it is a mind-blowing gift to give to your lover, you can certainly choose to do it for yourself! It’s all about self-worth and investing in YOU. A boudoir shoot will show you how beautiful you really are.

Did you know you don’t have to tell anyone or show anyone your images if you’re uncomfortable about it? We take privacy very seriously and will keep your identity confidential if you prefer. Nobody has to know if you don’t want them to. The images can be 100% for you and kept safe in your private boudoir album.