Navigating the Lingerie Landscape for Your Boudoir Shoot

Welcome to the exciting world of boudoir photography, where the right choice of lingerie can elevate your photoshoot from simple to jaw-dropping. Can it be a bit overwhelming? Absolutely. Choosing what to wear is a common concern among my clients, and it’s understandable why: the options can be intimidating, to say the least. But not to worry, that’s precisely why I’m here—to guide you through every step.

Yup, I know what you’re thinking, though… “But Chris, you’re a dude; what can you possibly know about women’s lingerie?” Great question! Well, it’s quite simple, really. For one, As a male photographer in a predominantly female field, I bring a distinct perspective that can be especially valuable if you’re considering this as a gift for your husband or fiancé. My unique viewpoint helps ensure that the final product not only celebrates your beauty and strength but also deeply resonates with your partner. Secondly, Over the years, each of my clients has brought between three to five outfits—sometimes even more—to their shoots. This has given me an extensive look at a wide array of styles and types of lingerie. With all this experience, I’ve gained a deep understanding of what looks great on camera and, quite frankly, what doesn’t. Plus, my assistant—Arleen, is always on hand to offer suggestions and ensure everything looks perfect for your session.

Understanding the Overwhelm

So, when it comes to selecting lingerie for your photoshoot, I understand that the choices seem endless. Style, color, material, and fit all play crucial roles in how your lingerie will look and feel. And it’s true, it does matter, and here’s why:


The style of lingerie you choose should reflect your personality and the theme of the shoot you’re going for. Whether it’s playful and flirty with flowers and bows or bold and seductive with intricate lace, it’s important to match the look of your lingerie with your personality. Why, you ask? Let’s just say if you’re uncomfortable with what you have on, it will show in the images. The whole point of the session is to focus on who you are and where you are at this time in your life. But what if you are in a place where you want to experiment? That’s totally fine too! Just be mindful of that when choosing your lingerie.


Color can influence mood and complement your skin tone. While black is timeless and slimming, softer shades like pastel pinks or vibrant reds can highlight your best features and personality. I personally love dark greens, black, white, deep navy blues, and dark reds. They are timeless and are always my go-to colors.


The material of your lingerie doesn’t just affect comfort; it also influences how it drapes and contours your body. Silk and satin offer a luxurious, smooth appearance, while lace provides a delicate texture that’s visually stunning in photos. However, be cautious with overly busy patterns or too much intricate lace. While a lace-detailed bodysuit can be striking, combining multiple heavily patterned items, like a lace robe over a lace bodysuit with lace stockings, can overwhelm the camera and detract from the overall look. Aim for a balanced approach to ensure each piece complements rather than competes in your photoshoot.


Above all, fit is paramount. Well-fitting lingerie flatters your body, enhances your best assets, and hides any areas you might be self-conscious about. But please, please be careful. Just because the label says it’s your size, make sure it truly fits. Oftentimes, clients show up with items that are too tight, don’t quite fit right, and cause spillage or the dreaded muffin effect. In many cases, if the item is too tight, it also leaves indentations in the skin and affects the rest of the photoshoot. Adversely, if the lingerie is too large, then it takes away from your natural curves and creates a box effect.

Why Choosing Gets Complicated

For many of my clients, who are often busy mothers or professionals, finding the time to sift through countless options and determine what works best for their body type and the photoshoot’s aesthetic is a daunting task. That’s where I come in.

My Role: Your Personal Lingerie Shopper

My curated Amazon store is designed to take the guesswork out of lingerie shopping. I have selected a range of pieces that are not only beautiful but also versatile and flattering for various body types and different styles. This makes shopping for your boudoir session convenient and straightforward. I’ve chosen each piece for its detail, quality, price, and positive reviews, ensuring that it will look fantastic in photos.

Making It Easy

Here’s how I make the process easier for you:

Curated Selections:

I’ve done the research, know what photographs well, and read the reviews about what feels good to wear.

I’ve done the homework for you so you can enjoy the extra time with the kiddos or binge-watch your favorite show. Each item in my Amazon store has a direct link, so you can buy it easily without leaving your house or spending hours searching online.

Advice Tailored to You:

For my clients, if you’re unsure about what to choose, I’m here to help every step of the way, and I’m happy to schedule a call with you. Based on your body type, personal style, and the nature of your photoshoot, my assistant Arleen and I can recommend the perfect options for you and help you shop for the right pieces.

Here’s My Final Thoughts:

Remember, the goal of your boudoir shoot is to celebrate you—your body, your spirit, and your journey. The right lingerie is just the tool to help showcase your inner and outer beauty. So, let’s make your lingerie shopping experience as enjoyable and fulfilling as the photoshoot itself. Ready to find your perfect piece? Visit our curated Amazon store, and let’s start planning your stunning boudoir session today!

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